Swift Memorial is a response to international banks rejecting customers from countries facing sanctions over the past decade. These banks shut Iranian nationals and businesses out of the global financial system, which influenced Iranians in many ways, namely, the decrease of Iranian currency value that resulted in a sudden and unusual inflation in the country. Consequently, many Iranians have suffered from difficult economic conditions. This project is a play on value production, in this case, the value of a purse, which changes for clients based on their nationality. Website
Exhibition History–> Voices: artists on art part of the artist project conceived by Yvonne Lammerich and Ian Carr-Harris, Harbourfront Centre , 2017 - Out of Repetition, Difference, a group exhibition curated by Lauren Fournier, Zalucky Contemporary, 2017 - MVS Open Studio North Borden building, University of Toronto, 2016 - Art Athina Platform Projects represented by Parkingallery, 2016
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