Resolutions is a direct reaction to sanctions imposed on Iran since the 1979 revolution. It attempts to circulate the information about consequences of sanctions on Iran’s economy and Iranian people. This effort stems from the artist’s belief in the lack of information on such subjects. It references other artist projects that had similar concerns, for example, Tatlin’s Monument for the Third International. A displaying system has been appointed to take on the task of disseminating information. In other words, display structures in this exhibition are used as props to highlight information.
Rules and Regulations references instruction-based art projects and at the same time engages political economy in this process. These rules are designed as obstacles in process of creation. The process of production is similar to a game in which the person or the entity who agrees to execute the project will have to cope with a set of regulations controlled by governmental bodies. Broadly speaking, the production of the work is dependent on trade networks and the relationships between governments.
I would like to acknowledge funding support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council @SSHRC_CRSH
Exhibition History–> MVS Thesis Exhibition, Art Museum at University of Toronto, 2017
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