Border is a video installation in which Farsi and English texts move towards a corner of a room and disappear on the borderline of two walls. It is about the arbitrariness of rules and regulations, the sense of in-between-ness, duality and ambivalence that one experiences in a transcultural situation.
The borderline is a narrow vertical line between two walls: the joint. The place two walls meet.  This very “thin line” changes the direction of one’s eye, all of a sudden similar to geopolitical borders in between countries. One step back or forth one is occupied with different laws and orders.
Exhibition history —> THIRD SPACE, Harbourfront Centre, 2013 - (B)ORDERS, ORDERS, (DIS)ORDERS, Raf Gallery, Tehran, 2012 - IN OTHER WORDS: BLACK MARKET OF TRANSLATION Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien & NGBK, Berlin, 2012
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