2013, Digital print on vinyl, Aluminum stand, 8'x8’ ft
Bibliography is meant to look like a press-backdrop, however instead of promoting corporate sponsors, my backdrop includes the names of art theorists, who have inspired this project. The backdrop is meant to celebrate these influential artists and theorists.  The names referenced substantiate the project and integrate the work into the theory-driven art discourses such as academic environments. While I was studying at OCAD University, I was guided to become familiar with contemporary canon and position my work in the art world.  Past summer when I traveled to Iran it was interesting for me to notice my fellow artists in Iran refer to the same thinkers that I do. In Bibliography I refer to circulation and repetition of certain texts and ideas, to draw attention to globalization and homogenization in the contemporary art canon. 
I would like to acknowledge funding support from OAC .
Exhibition History-> ASSIGNMENTS, Artspace, Peterborough 2014 - PERPETUUM MOBILE: This Text is a Sculpture Curated by Caitlin Sutherland, Hamilton Public Library, 2014.
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