Arts Associate is a performance in which four performers are hired to approach viewers in an empty gallery space as if they are in a retail store. The title of the work refers to “sales associate”.  Performers act as a sales persons, selling the idea of the artwork, as opposed to a physical thing. They explain the concept of the performance to the viewers individually. Each performer approaches the viewers with greeting sentences followed by a unified script. 
Each associate delivers the following information:
> Arts Associate refers to the history of dematerialization in the art world, where artists create nonsalable works.
>Essentially, the works that went objectless to create institutional critique.
>References the object of desire, in Lacanian sense: the thing that we can never have.
>Therefore, introducing the work is ‘the work’.

Performers: Patty Farias | Lanie Chalmers | Brianna MacLellan | Sona Safaei | Jonathan Simpson
I would like to acknowledge funding support from OAC .
Exhibition History–> ASSIGNMENTS, Artspace, Peterborough 2014 - ASSIGNMENTS, OCAD University, 2012
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