The viewer finds herself or himself in front of a two-panel video in which two pencils start to print out two alphabets, one in English, from left to right, and the other in Farsi, from right to left. I followed my handwriting with a camera while I was writing the alphabets on a textured watercolor paper. A dense and textured sound floats along with the hand movements. The sound of each pencil in motion combines and seems to form from the mixture of the English and Farsi written alphabets. Alphabet is about amalgamation or meeting of two distinct poles, where a state of in-between-ness arises. Having both Farsi and English, I made two languages move towards each other to highlight the fact that they never blend and maintain their borders.
exhibition history —> on tour with Project 35 Volume 2 a project by Independent Curators International (ICI),  Sometimes Y, Al Green Gallery, Toronto 2011. Remote homecoming Studio Strike, London. UK 2011. I Will Never Be The Same, Videocube, Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey, 2010.
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